Source to Stitch - A series of 5 one-day workshops over a 5-month period

A series of 5 one-day workshops over a 5 month period aimed at people who have done some textile work but want to develop their ideas.

Session 1 - Monday 14th January
Session 2 - Friday 15th February
Session 3 - Monday 11th March
Session 4 - Monday 15th April
Session 5 - Monday 13th May

This group of workshops is about taking your source material, whether it is a photograph or an object, landscape or abstract, and using it to create a variety of textile samples that you will be able to use to develop a future piece, or pieces. The workshops will take you though a range of design techniques and give you the opportunity to try new methods and materials.
We will work through the key elements of design, colour, line, form and texture. You will experiment with a variety of new materials and techniques. The workshops will include both hand and machine stitching techniques. In addition to the workshops I will suggest ideas for further development work that you can do between the workshops.
Source to Stitch Sketchbook page
Source to Stitch Sketchbook page
Often as you work designing a piece there will be a range of ideas and you will only follow one or two through to the completed piece. You may therefore find it useful to collect your source material, design ideas, thoughts and samples into a ‘sketchbook’ and we will look at ways you could create a material book or a card book. These will become a resource you can refer to in the future in order to develop further ideas and pieces.
Session 1 - Getting Started – A Design Day
You will explore your source material using a variety of design tools. The aim will not be to reproduce your source material, but to use it as a starting point for your design and develop a variety of possible different design strands.

Session 2 - Creating Colour
This day will be spent developing colour through painting material, simple dyeing, layering sheer materials and blending threads

Session 3 – Line and Form
Pulled and Drawn Thread work
Pulled and Drawn Thread work

We will evaluate the value of line in design including stitch and thread and look at incorporating photographs and text

[b]Session 4 – Texture
Melted plastic flowers
Melted plastic flowers

During this day we will do some melting, steaming and slashing!!! - creating texture through fabric manipulation including ‘crashing, experiment with tyvek and plastic

[b]Session 5 – Creating your Design – A Development Day

In this final workshop you will work on your emerging design and complete your ‘sketchbook’

[b]The cost for the 5 workshops is £140.00. All workshop materials will be supplied, information sheets, teas and coffees. You will need to provide lunch and your own threads and material as required for your textile piece. The maximum number of delegates is 8